About Us

We Build Amazing Products

Appkraft provides Strategy, Design and Engineering Services. Depending on your Digital needs, we have the dexterity to start from start and make it BIG


We are a Team of New Age Software Engineers, Consultants and Product Managers that come from diverse fields of Business and Technology. We started from one Question: 

What’s the best we can do as a Team?


We make sure every product we build also builds your bottom line. Hence we are not any other software development company but Software and Business Development Company.


We GRIND to help and support the communities we work and live in. As Entrepreneurs, we know how difficult it is to build a successful business, we offer to help you in your Journey to the Top

The Way we build



In this stage our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your users and their needs. Empathy is the process through which we put aside our needs, way of thinking, assumptions, and put ourself in the User’s shoes.



Our goal is to define an actionable problem statement that will guide us during the following stages.  We keep a human-centered attitude, trying to develop a “point-of-view” that is as near as possible to the needs and feelings of your target users.



We focus on finding solutions for the questions we identified in the define stage. The insights that we gained during the define stage are like challenges that now must be addressed, guided by the point-of-view we developed.



This is where the Magic Happens. We develop the Product with the best possible Tech. Crafting your Vision into Everyone’s Reality. 



During testing mode, we ask our users to give us feedback about the Product we have developed but at the same time, it’s an opportunity to gather further knowledge about our users.



Here we help you Launch the Product, by suggesting Best possible Market Strategies. We also make sure we are responsible to Support you and the product in the Future.

Why Choose Us?

We always work to craft something valuable.


When you sign us, you make us a Asset in your Product Journey. We are proud of our Brainstorming Skills, and can put them to Test against anyone.

Full-stack development capabilities with a focus on new-age front-end UI, backend development frameworks, and best practices. We believe in writing simple, clean, and standards-based code that makes it scalable & flexible

Dedicated operations and QA resources who can work as an extended team member to help meet your ongoing data management, BI reporting, change management, and analytical needs for a defined scope taking complete ownership of ongoing delivery

Assess existing technology ecosystem, system architecture, scalability requirements, and data engineering & modeling needs by leveraging industry patterns, technology frameworks, business knowledge, and data benchmarks using subject-matter experts

Ownership of project delivery based on the defined scope from technical as well as business perspective. Our engagement includes all aspects of delivery such as technical development, data management, quality management, project management, and timely communication

Let’s face it ! You don’t need a Product Manager, Developer or a Strategy Consultant at every point in your Product Journey. We provide Customizable Resource Planning for your Project Needs.

Find out how we can help you

We Design, Develop, Launch and Maintain products that delight your users and grow your business.